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Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra


The contemporary and unique sound of the BGKO comes from their passionate and relentless exploration of sounds and timbers from the romani, klezmer, balkan and mediterranean music. All understood as a set of musical traditions and multiethnic cultures which go beyond any geographical boundary.

The group itself blends the different artistic influences of its members, enriched and shaped by Barcelona’s vibrant musical scene: from traditional Catalan, Greek, Italian, Russian and Middle Eastern songs to the vital vibes of jazz manouche and rock.

BGKO are Margherita Abita (voice, Italy), Julien Chanal (guitar, France), Ivan Kovacevic (double bass, Serbia), Albert Enkaminanko (percussion, Spain), Xavi Pendòn (clarinet, Spain), Oleksandr Sora (violin, Ukraine) / Pere Nolasc Turu (violin, Spain), and Fernando Salinas Olcoz (accordion, Spain).