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Antonio Lizana


Ana Solinis

ANTONIO LIZANA, from southern Spain, is one of the leading figures of the new generation of flamenco jazz.
Jazz saxophonist, flamenco singer and composer of all his own music, he has given hundreds of concerts in over 40 countries with his album "Una realidad diferente", released by Warner Music Spain in 2020: jazz festivals in Madrid, Barcelona, san Javier, Etnosur, Womex, Jazz sous les pommiers, Scène Nationale de la Rochelle, Arte Flamenco festival in Mont-de-Marsan, flamenco festivals in New York, San Francisco, London, jazz festivals in Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Saint-Louis (Senegal), Jazzahead in Bremen (Germany)...

On stage, the native of Cadiz takes us from the roots of flamenco to the most inventive jazz, with a hint of Moorish sounds and a pinch of gypsy culture. Palmas, jaleos, powerful Gaditan chants, jazz and racy improvisations make every Antonio Lizana concert an unforgettable journey.